Berberian Sound Studio

Life imitates art in the new Peter Strickland film, Berberian Sound Studio.

A loving homage to 1970s Italian horror, it’s based almost entirely in the confines of a sound studio for film sound effects. Set in 1976 it tells the story of a documentary sound engineer working on a low-budget Italian film who finds the walls between reality and celluloid give way. Expect witches and hacked up melons.

James from Broadcast provides the soundtrack . Another reason to watch this film..

*Spoiler alert*

Lots of vegetables meet a sticky end in this film.

It hits the cinemas from 31st August.


The Great Escape

Getting excited about being beside the seaside for the musical onslaught that is The Great Escape festival that kicks off tomorrow.

We will certainly be hot footing it over to see the oddball psychedelic art pop mastery of Django Django.

Think a youtube comment to this video sums this song up great… “swings like a braless boob”. We couldn’t agree more.

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The Outsider

We are obviously big lovers of music but sometimes there is no substitute for losing yourself in the pages of a great book. This man, Mr Colin Wilson has been keeping us in good company this evening… 

The Outsider created quite a stir when published in 1956. Written at the age of 24, Wilson offers up ideas on human alienation and the idea of the ‘Outsider’. A purposefully disjointed read, he plunders the works of a number of seminal authors including Kafka, Camus, Sartre, Hemingway, Hesse and Wells and references their characters to illustrate his ideas.

Written in the Reading Room at the British Museum and during a time when Wilson was often forced to sleep rough on Hampstead Heath, he was promptly herded up with the likes of Harold Pinter, Doris Lessing and Kingsley Amis, a new generation of writers daubed ‘Angry Young Men’.

For a truly unique voice speaking across sociology, psychology, spirituality and being lost in modern society, we have a lot to learn from Wilson’s The Outsider. Some wonderfully left field ideas lie in it’s pages… he suggests creating your own religion and reinventing your spirituality to fend off the malaise and discontent in existence. We are working on it!

Now going to go and put on something really really noisy and precocious. Yeh!

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Peel Acres

Oh how we’ve missed the familiar tone of John Peel emanating from the radio and educating us in the ways of the musical universe.

But for all those curious Peelites out there, the ultimate in virtual voyeurism has arrived. The BBC and Arts Council have launched a joint digital cultural archival space which includes replicating Peel’s immense and fastidiously filed record collection. It’s being released in segments, the first 100 of each letter at a time.

Surely the best music reference library you could possibly want… thank you John Peel x 


Another Reason To Be Cheerful (pt 3)..

A great new label and a great new band have joined forces and are spawning a first release for both band and label this coming Monday.

We highly recommend that you keep your eyes and ears peeled for this double A-side vinyl from I Ching. Released on new ‘more-enthusiastic-than-a-14-year-old-with-a-sunny-d-habit’ label Best Fit Recordings.

Ooo and a lovely little live session with them here-

Recorded at the institution that is Rowan’s Bowling Alley in Finsbury Park no less.


A Brave New World

The Vinyl Williams Ultimate World screen print and digital EP is hatched!

Journey to the outer edges with him in his psychotropic video for Chroma Heart.

Lie back and enjoy xxx


Pure X and Spacemen 3 Copulate

Vinyl Williams wants to space you out…



The Effulgent Aura Of Guardian Love

The folks over at the Guardian officially warn that you may feel a little ‘intoxicated’ by Vinyl Williams…


Vinyl Williams Pick ‘n’ Mixtape

Vinyl Williams has kindly crafted an hour-long mixtape with all manner of old, new and unusual tracks for your ears. The playlist is for everyone who purchases the Ultimate World EP screen print release (released on April 9th but available to pre-order).

Here’s a little taster of one of the tracks to grace it…

Enjoy xxx